June 22nd, 2022

Simply copying a client’s lengthy JD as a job posting is a sign that the recruiter cannot be bothered to interpret the role, it’s lazy recruitment.

I’m sure I’ve pinched this phrase from somewhere, but it’s true that “job descriptions tell but job ads sell”. There’s a huge difference.

At Recruitment Gamechangers we’re in the business of lifestyle recruitment, focusing on sport, gaming, fitness and leisure. Although many JDs are extremely informative, they sometimes have chapter and verse on a position, which doesn’t excite or entice candidates to explore the role or the company further. Sure, we’ll send out the full JD, but not straightaway.

We like to focus candidates on “what’s in it for you” in an opportunity, as many of the roles in the marketplace right now are so similar. If our job ads have piqued a person’s interest, we encourage them to speak to one of our recruiters before sending in their cv. After all, we’ve probably recruited for that company before, so we can provide a lot of information about the opportunity.

Often, there’s a great deal more to uncover outside the JD than inside. Usually, we’ll have spoken with the line managers as well as the HR/Talent team which is far more valuable than simply emailing the JD.

When companies are paying good money for recruitment services, doesn’t it make sense that recruitment businesses put some effort into promoting an opportunity?

In our opinion, Recruitment Gamechangers is not just an extension of our client’s HR/Talent team, we are also part of a company’s marketing process.

If you agree or disagree with our approach, feel free to get in touch!

Doug Woodward